Precision Agriculture
Precise agriculture is a new trend of modern agricultural production technique. By analyzing information such as farmland soil, crop growth and plant diseases and insect pests, the amount of seeds, chemical fertilizer, required moisture and pesticide needed to grow crops in different positions can be acquired. Combined with the intelligent agricultural system, precision agriculture reduces invest of raw materials, lower production costs, improves the yields and is beneficial to environmental protection.

The agricultural autonomous navigation system relies on the high-precise satellite navigation and positioning information to control the driving direction and accelerator of the agricultural equipment. The agricultural equipment then could drive autonomously through a set route (a straight line or a circle), reduce omission and overlaps and improve efficiency. The autonomous navigation system can work in the nighttime and under adverse weather conditions and helps to improve efficiency of the agricultural machine and lower driving requirements of the driver and reduce labor intensity. The system is suitable in ridging, seeding, spraying and reaping, which increases the working accuracy and quality of agricultural products.