Safety Monitoring
Geological disasters such as debris flow, landslide, surface subsidence in the mining area and safety operation of man-made buildings including reservoir, dams, long-span bridges and super high-rise buildings are closely related to displacement deformation. Therefore, due to the continuous increase of people’s producing and living activities, safety monitoring based on displacement deformation has received wide concern in the international arena. Over the past dew decades, the high-precise satellite position and navigation technology is widely used in different kinds of displacement monitoring and safety monitoring systems with advantages such as automation, precision, fastness, all-weather and low cost.

The BDS navigation system replaces the early-stage displacement monitoring based on GPS with the multi-system and multi-frequency mode. The complete Independence of BDS, unique constellation design and tri-frequency signals could greatly improve the accuracy of displacement monitoring in complex environments, increase reliability of system operation and reduce pre-warning time. 

BDS high-precise PCB board developed by Unicore provides carrier phase’s observation accuracy of 1mm. The reliable low-elevation track and super-light observation noise helps to simplify the pre-processing of data analysis software. It is suitable to displacement monitoring application with the accuracy in the millimeter level.