Vehicle Monitoring Application

BDS/GPS vehicle monitoring terminals receive signals from BDS and GPS satellites, in conjunction with vehicle status information, and send two-way short messages and data communications to monitor and control center through GPRS/CDMA channel.

The vehicle monitoring terminals upload information on real-time vehicle location, movement state, police

intelligence to the monitoring center and then the monitoring center releases the traffic and warning information to the on-demand vehicle terminals through GPRS/CDMA network. It can also make real-time scheduling and controlling management.


The navigation and positioning is the primary function of vehicle monitor terminals. BDS/GPS navigation module is the core part of monitor terminal. Unicore UM220 module has excellent navigation and positioning capability. By the combination application of correlator, FFT and matched filter and optimizing algorithm, UM220 module sustains excellent tracing and acquisition capability and TTFF functions under all kinds of complicated environments. The advanced multi-path mitigation technology ensures first class positioning accuracy and reliability.

In 2011, it realized first ten-thousand-scale applications in the BDS industry, and quickly extended to more integrated terminal manufacturers by high-volume applications.