UAV has been widely used in aerial photography, electricity and oil pipeline patrol, agricultural plant protection, aerial surveillance and even film and home entertainment.Flight control system is the core of UAV autonomous fly controlling, which has a significant impact on the stability, reliability and accuracy of data transmission and timeliness of the UAV, plays a decisive role in its flight performance.In the flight control system, GNSS receiver is the most important sensor providing navigation information for the UAV. UAV’s Completing of the design task is not only relies on the pre-set position of the starting point and destination point, but also need to know the real-time location, the sailing speed, navigation attitude , navigation direction and other parameters. The application of GNSS receiver provides a reliable、economic and effective way.
The high-precise GNSS products developed by Unicore could provide real-time positioning accuracy in the level of meter, decimeter and centimeter. It supports high-precise positioning and heading solutions of It supports high-precise positioning and heading solutions of the products with dual antennas using two single-antenna modules/boards or a dual-antenna module/board. It can conduct mobile relative positioning. The above-mentioned functions satisfies needs to control different kinds of the flight control system.