Unicore Showcased at InterGEO2018
Oct 17, 2018

INTERGEO2018-theworld'sleadingtradefairandconferenceforgeodesy,geoinformationandlandmanagement is taking place Oct. 16-18inFrankfurt,Germany.This is the fourth time forUnicoreto attend InterGEO,andforthefirst time,BDStar, the parent company of Unicore,showcaseinInterGEO.

During the show, Unicore introduced several new products:

CLAP-B, Multi-GNSS/MEMS integrated inertial navigation board, which integrates a miniaturized high-performance inertial measurement unit(IMU) on a compact high performance GNSS board. S denied environments.

UB4B0M is compact high precision board supporting RTK positioning and integrated inertial navigation. The board features low-power consumption design and offers millimeter-level carrier phase observation value as well as centimeter-level RTK positioning, supporting chip-level multi-path mitigation.

UM220-IV N is a GPS/BDS dual-system module designed for automotive navigation and positioning. It was developed based on Unicore’s latest miniature GNSS chipUFirebird. With its compact、anti-jamming、DR features and reliable performance, UM220-IV N enables reliable positioning even in case of GNSS denied conditions.

Unicore’sportfolio covers receivers with all accuracy levels rangingfrom meter, though sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level.

 Unicore’s high precision solutions realized centimeter level accuracy and have been widelyrecognized as the best solutions in China forexcellent performance.Our reliable positioning modules, boards and receivers are created for a wide range of professional industries, such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), intelligent-driving vehicles, precision agriculture, machine control and so on.Unicore’s high precision products have also beenincreasingly adopted by global customers for years. Unicore High Precision product occupies 75% market share of GNSS boards used in China National CORS project, and won the bid for Algerian National CORS project.

UM series modules are the smallest RTK positioning/heading module, and have been widely adopted by UAV,ADAS and autonomous driving companies.Asfor UB series high precision boards, they are the leading choices for integration in UAVs, robotics, land leveling, and automated farm.