Unicore Products Demonstrated at MWCS2018
Jun 28, 2018

On June 27~29, Unicore participated in the Mobile World Congress (MWCS2018) held in Shanghai and demonstrated a variety of products.

Navigation and consumer applications

Unicore presented its UFirebird and a series of UFirebird based module products. UFirebird (UC6226) was released in May last year in Shanghai and in its another appearance made in Shanghai this year, what really attracts the public attention was not only its 28nm processing technology, and 1.73x2.87mm ultra-small size, but many IoT applications empowered by “UFirebird” in the Mobile World Congress.

In the era of IoT connection, it is necessary to know “where” the terminals are besides communications, so GNSS positioning is indispensable. Unicore’s ultra-small 28nm chip makes BeiDou +NB-IoT mini size possible. UFirebird supports tri-system positioning at most among BeiDou, GPS, Galileo and GLONASS in parallel; the chip is integrated with Sensor hub, built-in VDR/PDR, providing the user with a feature-enhanced integrated navigation solution with leading performance.

High-precision application

Quad-system multi-frequency high-precision PTK positioning/heading boards and modules were put on display. The high-precision products of Unicore can simultaneously be used for base and rover. In terms of base station, more than 75% of the core boards of the national GBAS(ground-based augmented system) choose Unicore Inside and in addition, the high-precision series boards and modules have been widely used and by many well-known brands in the fields of robot, unmanned aerial vehicle and intelligent driving.

Cloud +IC, Augmented GNSS

Unicore UMA integrated positioning platform provides users with a full range of positioning technologies and services and on the basis of GNSS positioning technology, enhances positioning experience with cloud assisted enhancement and client multi-sensor fusion technology. It can maintain rapid and accurate positioning in harsh environments such as urban canyons, and even indoors, to give industry customers and mass consumers a faster, more accurate and better experience.