Product Release — UM960 High Precision GNSS RTK Positioning Module
Feb 10, 2023

Recently, Unicore released a new generation GNSS high precision RTK module—UM960, with ultra-small size, supporting all constellations and multiple frequencies, and can be used in a wide range of applications, such as robotic mowers, deformation monitoring, UAVs, handheld GIS, etc. It features high position fix rate and can provide highly accurate and reliable GNSS positioning data.


Ultra-small size making your device more portable

Nowadays, miniaturization has become a development trend of electronic products, such as high precision GIS handheld devices, intelligent robots and so on, which need smaller positioning modules. The dimensions of UM960 is only 12mm*16mm*2.6mm, providing more flexibility in hardware design, reducing the integration complexity, making your device more portable, and thus can be used in more application scenarios.


Compared to Unicore’s previous generation product, the area of UM960 has been reduced by 84%. The smaller area on PCB will also save customer’s cost.

All-constellation Multi-frequency covering different regions and application scenarios

Independently developed by Unicore, the UM960 module supports BDS B1I/B2I/B3I/B1c/B2a*, GPS L1/L2/L5, Galileo E1/E5b/E5a, GLONASS G1/G2, and QZSS L1/L2/L5. The availability of all-constellation multi-frequency enables the module to track more satellites and get more observations, improving the usability of data and position fix rate in signal-challenging environment with severe obstruction, which satisfies the needs in different scenarios.


RF-baseband integrated chip inside to provide ultra-high performance

Based on Unicore’s new generation GNSS SoC—NebulasIV, UM960 features high performance. The floating-point computing ability of UM960 has been improved by 5 times compared to the previous generation product, which greatly reduces the RTK solution time. In terms of the data output rate, UM960 supports single point positioning and RTK positioning data output at 20 Hz. Besides, the module has 1408 channels, being able to track all of the current signals and those to be added in the future.


Power consumption reduced by 75% with lower cost

In addition to the small size, UM960 also features low power consumption, which is less than 450 mW and reduced by 75% compared to our previous generation product. It is suitable for low-power applications such as handheld devices, which need to work as long as possible, and is also ideal for deformation monitoring, providing customers with lower cost.


Tracking different frequencies separately to ensure excellent anti-jamming ability

UM960 can track different frequencies separately; so if one frequency was interfered, other frequencies could still be utilized to ensure the normal operation of the module in the environment with interference.

Jamming detection and visual display of the jamming strength

UM960 can detect jamming signals and display the jamming strength visually. In some application scenarios such as drone light show, it’s necessary to detect jamming before the show so as to prevent flight accidents. 


With regard to the GNSS performance, UM960 also features high position fix rate and high accuracy even in severely obscured environment, providing precise and reliable data for user-end devices.

Base station under severe obstruction

041407.jpgUM960 features ultra-small size, low power consumption, superior performance and is cost-effective. It is easy to use, helps customers to save expenditure, and makes high precision GNSS solution available to more applications.