News Conference Held Today Announcing the FOC of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
Jan 13, 2016
Beidou Navigation Satellite System press conference is held at the Briefing Hall of the State Council Information Office on December 27, 2012.
Issues on the Full Operational Capability(FOC)for China and surrounding area of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is introduced, questions raised and answered by Mr. Ran Chengqi, Spokesperson of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Director of China Satellite Navigation Office, Mr. Yang Baofeng, Director of China National Administration of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Applications, Mr. Wu Dong, Director of Navigation Engineering Office of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation.
 BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is built and run independently by China. It is compatible with other GNSS, and provides worldwide high-precision, highly reliable positioning, navigation and timing services at all-weather, all-time for all types of users.
Since BeiDou Navigation Satellite System provided test run services on December 27, 2011, it has successfully launched 6 more satellites in 4 launches, expanded the system coverage, enhanced constellation robustness and improved system accuracy. Currently, all in-orbit satellites and ground systems run stable and system performance meets the design requirements through the testing and evaluation of various types of user terminals. From today, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System officially starts o provide continuous passive positioning, navigation and timing services for China and surrounding area, as well as active positioning, two-way timing and short message communication services originally provided by BeiDou Experimental Navigation Satellite System.
Mr. Ran Chengqi introduced BeiDou system performance, logo image, organization and management situations of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. He also released Signal In Space Interface Control Document of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(version 1.0) which is  necessary for the domestic and worldwide producers to develop terminal products, thus promote worldwide usage of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System.