CES2020. Location?Ask Unicore
Jan 29, 2020

CES 2020 kicked off from Jan.7~Jan.11. Despite the cool and eye-catching big brands at the CES show, Unicore, a Chinese company from Beijing, yet received a great many visitors from various countries.


Need location? Just ask me!

This is he third time we showed up at CES, we put our eyes on IoT, Smart City, and Intelligent Automotives. We exhibited a full range of products, and made a joint debut with Rx Networks, which is also a subsidiary of BDStar. Location + data + fusion algorithms, Cloud + IC to enable infinite intelligence applications.

Unicore’s latest generation of our 22nm chip was also exhibited for the first time overseas. The chip boasts the most advanced technology in the industry and BDS-3. It features low power consumption, anti-multipath, multi-system, dual-core and dual-frequency, and aims to be applied to the mass, automotive and IoT markets.

To meet needs of automotive applications, Unicore provides Automotive-grade standard precision modules, such as UM220-IV, and UM220-INS NF. In respect of autonomous driving, the newly launched high-precision integrated navigation product CLAP B7 also received wide attention.

UM4B0, a high-precision RTK module, and UM482, a full-system multi-frequency dual-antenna high-precision module are still the most influential and competitive products in autonomous driving and drones.

Want high-precision industry applications, smaller size, higher performance, higher precision, baseband and RF integration, and better cost performance? Coming soon! Please stay tuned...

The future is setting in. In all black technologies at CES, the location and time information are indispensable. Multi-source fusion navigation / positioning chip, as a space-time sensor, has been widely used in every walk of life.

Location , Enlightend.

Location? Ask Unicore!

Unicore Inside sand table of industry applications, Lego assembly by Unicore Kids