For robots used for outdoor inspection and services, their application is becoming increasingly popular, and the technology is becoming increasingly mature. As a kind of main technical means for outdoor autonomous positioning, GNSS can achieve sub-meter positioning accuracies such as decimeter and centimeter levels in real time by aid of differential technology and precise single point positioning technology, and can directly locate the outdoor robots. Or it can be combined with inertial navigation, vision, radar and other sensors for high-precision positioning in various complex scenarios.
In combination with algorithms such as electronic map and path planning, GNSS can accurately locate and orient robots and automatically travel according to the path planning. If fitted with a single antenna, GNSS can accurately provide the position and movement direction of a robot while moving. If fitted with dual antennas, GNSS can accurately provide the position and orientation of a robot even when standing still. UM4B0 and UM482 (and other small positioning modules), which are introduced by Unicore Communications, support the application scenarios of single antenna and dual antenna, respectively, and have been successfully applied to various outdoor robot products such as inspection, marking, agricultural spraying and mowing robots. They are preferred for outdoor robot positioning.

Robot applications

High-precision products manufactured by Unicore Communications have been applied in batches by many domestic and foreign leading manufacturers of mowing and marking robots.