Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system is a complete set of systems that can achieve complex mission objectives, including unmanned flight control platform, mission load, data communication chain, ground control equipment, data processing system, support and maintenance parts. The UAV system, featured by advantages such as high mobility, flexibility, safety and efficiency, etc., is widely used in aerial photogrammetry, oil pipeline inspection, etc.
Pesticides, fertilizers and water are the most important means of production in agriculture. Nowadays, people show more concern about pesticide residues in agricultural products in daily life and agricultural production has entered the era of "intensive farming". The traditional manual operation no longer meets the demand of  "precise fertilization and spraying" large-scale farming. The agriculture UAV equipped with Unicorecomm's centimeter-level real-time positioning GNSS board achieves precise control of fertilization and spraying. Compared with manual operation, it avoids damage to crops in the process of spraying and fertilization, while saving 30% of pesticide and fertilizer usage and nearly 90% of water used for pesticide spraying. Its efficiency is several times that of manual operation, helping farmers achieve increased production, income and sustainable development of agro-ecology.
In large-scale celebrations and major festival performances, the UAV formation gets popular and widely used for its cool acting forms and 3D visual impact. As the performance venues of UAV formation get increasingly diversified and the flight environment gets increasingly complex, the safety of UAV and the accuracy of flight routes have put forward higher requirements for the accuracy of UAV positioning and real-time positioning in complex environments. The high-precision and high-performance GNSS receiver can provide centimeter-level precision position information, accurate speed and precise time in real time, thus ensuring that the formation of the UAV is under precise control and achieves perfect performance effects.
Surveying and mapping requires accurate measurement of the surface of the earth. Regardless of mountains and valleys, or urban and rural areas, it is necessary to continuously carry out surveying and mapping operations according to the actual changes of the surface. Traditional surveying and mapping operation relies on manual work, requiring professionals to carry specialized equipment to measure each piece of land in poor working conditions. The geological prospecting UAV has rapidly changed the operation mode of surveying and mapping and greatly improved the work efficiency.

According to the needs of surveying and mapping application, Unicorecomm has designed and produced high-performance and high-precision GNSS board, which fully satisfy the needs of geological prospecting UAV. This product supports GPS/Beidou/GLONASS/Galileo, and can be used for RTK calculation of full frequency points of the whole system. With the unique "RTK KEEP" technology of Unicorecomm, it can maintain the centimeter-level positioning accuracy for up to 10 minutes after the communication is interrupted.
China has the most extensive and efficient power grid in the world and the inspection of power lines is an important work to ensure power supply. Many power lines cross mountains, no man's land, Gobi and other areas. Traditional manual inspection is quite time-consuming and inefficient. For inspection workers, the working conditions are poor and sometimes life-threatening.

For the live transmission lines, the power line inspection UAV can perform daily inspection and fine inspection. It works flexibly with strong environmental adaptability and low cost. It is also free from terrain restrictions and is easy to carry and transport. Unicorecomm high-precision GNSS receiver provides centimeter-level real-time location information, accurate speed and precise time for the power line inspection UAV, allowing the operators to get the information of the accurate position and status of the UAV efficiently.