Smart Agriculture
Agriculture, as the primary industry, plays a very important role in the national economy. The saying "bread is staff of life" indicates the importance of food production. The field planting business represented by wheat, corn and rice has always been described as hardship or arduousness. Due to the low operating efficiency, a large number of people are required to be engaged in agricultural production.
The spread of mechanized operation in agricultural production has greatly raised the production efficiency, switiching the traditional operation to an efficient mechanized mode. The agricultural machinery operated by people appears to greatly rely upon experience of operators in the production, so in that case, farming is not fine or precise enough. The application of GNSS enables agricultural machinery to be positioned precisely in the field. The development of automatic control technology helps agricultural machinery operate in a designated location precisely, and the development of GNSS technology and the spread of the products further promote the development of "precision agriculture". With the development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the wide application of various sensor technologies and products has driven the agriculture into the era of "smart agriculture", and GNSS has become the core technology to provide the precise location outdoors for the "smart agriculture".
With the further development of“Beidou Navigation Satellite System”which is completely owned by China, Beidou-related technology, products and applications have witnessed significant advancement in agricultural applications. Agricultural machinery equipped with GNSS and autonomous agricultural machinery have entered the field agriculture in many links, such as soil moisture survey, fertility analysis, seeding, planting, deep digging, deep ploughing, fertilization, weeding, harvesting and so on. GNSS can provide position information at accuracy of 1-2cm, and the GNSS OEM board supporting dual antenna can perform direction-finding accurately, assisting agricultural machinery to move forward, take turns or conduct other operations.
The two high-precision products UB482 and UB4B0M of Unicorecomm support RTK with a positioning accuracy of 1-2 cm. Now it has been widely equipped in smart agricultural machinery in China. UB4B0M can be used as a GNSS reference station or equipped in agricultural machinery with a single antenna to provide high-precision positioning information. UB482, supporting dual antennas, can provide accurate positioning while performing accurate direction-finding with dual antennas, offering accurate direction information to agricultural machinery and assisting it in steering.