In-vehicle Infotainment system integrates audio and video entertainment with information services, providing functions like navigation, positioning, audio and video play, fault detection, vehicle maintenance, emergency rescue and so on. With the evolution of communication technology, the popularization of intelligent operating system in the in-vehicle field, and the deepening of voice interactive application, the vehicle infotainment system becomes more intelligent, and gradually gets in line with the user habits and mass applications of smartphones.
GNSS positioning module or chip as the core component of in-vehicle infotainment system, provides location, speed and time information. The GNSS positioning and speed measurements determine the user experience, especially in map navigation. With more and more complex road environment in cities, such as dense road networks, numerous tall buildings, increased 3D traffic, and increasingly common glass curtain walls, higher requirements have been put forward to the GNSS technology and products. What's more, the electromagnetic environment is getting more complex due to the highly intelligent car, which also requires GNSS products to have better anti-interference capability and reliability.
Unicorecomm UM220-INS NF combined navigation positioning module, built in 3-axis gyro + 3-axis accelerometer MEMS unit and UFRIN combination navigation algorithm, supports odometer signal access and map matching feedback. Based on GPS and BDS dual-system satellite signal and the aforementioned various sensing information for combined positioning, it still ensures 100% continuous positioning even in underground parking lots, tunnels and other scenarios with no satellite signal. This module has a built-in UFirebird chip, on which an anti-interference module is integrated, enabling automatically detecting and removing the in-band monotone interference signals with good environmental adaptability. UM220-IV NV is a satellite navigation and positioning module, based on which users can realize integrated navigation and positioning plus external MEMS unit and back-end fusion algorithm. UM220-IV NV can be used alone for in-vehicle navigation to achieve the cost-saving purpose.
Both UM220-INS NF and UM220-IV NV comply with IATF16949 and are equipped with GNSS chips that meet the AEC-Q100 requirements. Up to now, Unicorecomm products have been applied in batches to more than 30 models of domestic brands and joint venture brands in the vehicle field.