Our Advantage
Talents and Management
Unicore management team always puts the highest priority on hiring the right people and guiding them to great success. The core R&D team consists of many world-class IC and GNSS experts. Of the over 100 engineers, more than 70% hold Master or PhD degrees, and many have overseas working experience.
Independent Innovation
Innovation is the main source of power that drives our continuous growth. We are dedicated to developing leading-edge highly integrated GNSS baseband ICs for the advanced and professional GNSS applications. Unicore has successfully released four generations of multi-system, multi-frequency, high-performance SoCs since September 2010, with while even more products are based on them.
Technology Advantage
Over the past ten years, the core R&D team has successfully developed numerous System-on-a-Chips, achieved innovative breakthroughs in new functionality and registered 27 patents for GNSS architecture, baseband, algorithm and applications, while more are coming.
Localized Service
As one of the leading BDS ecosystem enterprises, Unicore has both an understanding of domestic market and a global vision. It can quickly respond to sudden changes and conveniently offer flexible solutions as well as professional customized service to better meet different customer demands. Unicore's products are used in a wide range of application areas, including high-precision surveying & mapping, intelligent transportation, electricity timing, telecommunication and many more.